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Ransomware Spray

Ransomware Spray

Despite what security firms may tell you, it's not only computer systems that are vulnerable to ransomware. Humans are at constant risk of advanced neurolinguistic programming techniques that corrupt and lock down knowledge and memories. Some have no choice but to pay thousands of dollars just to remember their own name.


Don't be a victim of this new and evolving threat - protect your thoughts from being encrypted by malicious hackers with our Ransomware Spray.


  • Protects entire brain from ransomware for up to 48 hours


  • Allows advanced defensive artifical intelligence to embed within your hair follicles


  • 50% 1s; 50% 0s (binary content may vary for different skulls)


  • Avoid breathing the spray mist as this may cause unintended lung ransom


  • Tested ethically on sandboxed virtual elephant brains


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