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Risky Business

Risky Business is the best security and hacking podcast. Host Patrick Gray understands this sector inside and out, and therefore knows the value of Hacker Health products.


Lizard HQ

Studying, exploiting, and repurposing corporate and state surveillance technology, the security researcher and activist think tank Lizard HQ advises Hacker Health on the production of high quality items.


Fried Phish

Fuelled by our premium Cyber Bananas, Fried Phish exposes and disrupts phishing campaigns by aggressively collecting intelligence data and making it public to everyone.


Cyber Sun Tzu

A true military genius, Cyber Sun Tzu works closely with Hacker Health to produce the most efficient and perplexing wartime equipment.


The Data Exhaust

Hacker Health works hard to convert private data and raw human experience into corporate profit. The Data Exhaust educates and informs on the topic of surveillance capitalism, helping to spread distrust amongst our filthy competitors.


GCHQ Careers

With open positions ranging from Emotion Exploiter to Jackboot Thug, GCHQ Careers offers many exciting opportunities to undermine democracy.

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