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Entropy Tiles

Entropy Tiles

Password managers are officially a thing of the past. Hacker Health is back with yet another futuristic, game-changing product: Entropy Tiles.


When your computer generates a password, no matter how unique it is, you've still used a basic system of 1s and 0s as the seed of creation. Therefore all digital passwords are useless. Likewise, the human brain is a predictable organ with limited reliability.


Entropy Tiles, on the other hand, employ true quantum randomness, just like in nature. Simply give the bag of tiles a shake, grab a handful, throw them in the air, then choose your password based on how they land. No malicious system in the world can compute how this randomness was generated, as there is literally no known starting position.


Let's talk about the science. Computers cannot possibly simulate every unique raindrop hitting every unique leaf on a tree, and using this principle, they cannot reverse engineer our ingenious Entropy Tiles, as even the very lifespan of the universe is not enough time to continuously generate the possibilities granted by our product.


  • Convenient password creation in a stylish bag


  • 100 tiles ranging from 1-10 "points" of entropy, with Q and Z being the most difficult to guess


  • Throw as many tiles as you want; let your mind run free with two blanks for any special character of your choosing


A smooth and refined mix of little wooden squares inspired by Erwin Schrödinger and Cyber Sun Tzu. Now HALF PRICE!

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    $450.00Sale Price
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