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Easy & Delicious Hacking: A Cookbook

Easy & Delicious Hacking: A Cookbook

We're back with our flavour-packed, accessible hacking cookbook, crammed to the edges with delicious home recipes to take your exploits to the next level - from midweek backdoors to weekend jailbreaks.


With over 100 step-by-step cyber cooking guides, you'll go from shameful kitchen scrublord to iron hacking chef in no time! Get ready to excite your tastebuds with our mouth-watering collection of tried and tested dishes.


Satiate your hacking urges with these creations and many more:


  • Metadata stew
  • Rainbow table salad
  • 0day udon with plausible deniability sauce
  • Botnet and mustard pie
  • Macaroni cheese with leaks
  • Credential soup
  • Poached ransomware with bacon and tomatoes
  • Backdoored risotto with organic "beat root" beetroot
  • Advanced persistent tart
  • Smoked script kiddie with spinach and spoofed lentils
  • Frozen crypto assets ice cream
  • Tor exit node cheesecake
  • Russian salad with election tampering sausage meat
  • Adversarial neural network custard
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